E-book: Climate Investment in Aotearoa

Climate Investment in Aotearoa 2023

Climate Investment in Aotearoa provides an outline of the climate investment landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2023.

The e-book covers a broad range of climate impact investment options and, for each, considers:

  • What level of Climate Impact may be expected from this form of investment?
  • What level of Potential Returns may be expected?
  • Is it a form of climate change “Mitigation” (reducing emissions, so that climate change has a reduced impact) or “Adaptation” (dealing with the consequences and impacts of climate change) – or both?
  • Is it a kind of Investment or Granting – or possibly both?
  • Is it a form of Equity or Debt – or possibly both?

We hope this resource is helpful for all kinds of investors, whether Non-Government Organisations, philanthropic investors, wealth advisers or individuals, who wish to do more to address climate change to better understand the range of climate impact investment options available.