Climate VC on climate podcast

This month, Jez and Rohan featured on ‘This Climate Business’, a podcast about turning the climate crisis into opportunity.

The podcast is hosted by Vincent Heeringa (who consults to the fund). He asked Rohan if the fund is fixed on one sector or class of investments.

“I’m not a believer in silver bullet solutions. Also one of the problems with the fossil fuel economy is that carbon is embedded into everything we buy and therefore to decarbonise we need to change everything about everything. So I hope that our fund can invest in a wide range of technologies to address a wide range of problems.

“But there are a few common themes. For example, there’s going to be a big demand for electricity, so we need better storage, greater grid capacity and renewable sources.”

Another theme is emissions reductions, which along with financial returns, is the main investment criteria. Vincent asked Jez how that commitment to reductions will be assured.

“We’ve been very public about what we’re trying to achieve so our investors will hold us to account. We’ve also put in place a climate impact committee, which is five very smart people who have the right to veto if they don’t think the impact is big enough.”

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