Climate Venture Capital Fund Extension

New Zealand's premier climate investor. Get exclusive access to companies that deliver high growth, venture returns, and compelling climate impact, backed by science.

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Target fund size

$50 Million

Portfolio Size

10-20 companies

Investment Stage

Seed to Growth

Min. Investment

NZD $100,000

Investor Type

Wholesale/AIP Visa






Taking Advantage of a Predictable Revolution

The challenge is clear: an estimated US$150 trillion in climate-related capital investment is required by 2050 to maintain a sustainable, liveable planet.

In the face of a general downturn in venture capital funding and global equities, the resilience of climate tech funding stands out, demonstrating a strong market response to this urgent need.

In this evolving landscape, Australia and New Zealand are emerging as dynamic hubs for climate innovation. The region is witnessing a surge in climate-focused startups, outpacing the current capacity of local funding sources.

Enter Climate Venture Capital Fund Extension (CVCFe). With its strategic positioning and foresight, CVCFe is uniquely equipped to capitalise on this growing trend – a trend we see not just as a momentary shift, but as an inevitable and essential transformation in global investment priorities.

What is CVCF Extension?

CVCFe is an actively managed venture fund that invests exclusively in privately held, NZ and Australian companies with the potential for high growth and meaningful climate impact. The target companies can range from pre-commercial to growth stage and will collectively reduce CO2-e by at least 50 million tonnes by 2035.

CVCFe is an opportunity to access the second fund in the Climate Venture Capital Fund series — New Zealand’s first series of venture funds to exclusively invest in companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Open to wholesale investors only.

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Why Choose Climate VC Fund Extension

CVCFe targets high-impact companies tackling the most vital global challenges. With a focus on transformative enterprises, the Fund stands at the vanguard of sustainable and profitable investment strategies to provide:

  • Measurable climate impact.
  • Venture returns (targeting 25%+ IRR).
  • Exclusive access to CVCF I follow-on investments in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Unmatched expertise and rigour in VC climate investing and reporting.
  • Independent scrutiny and validation from the External Climate Impact Committee.
  • Unique emissions reduction mandate and climate subject-matter expertise.
  • Proven appeal to climate-tech founders.
  • Access to the frontier markets of Australia and New Zealand where high growth, capital efficient climate tech companies abound at attractive valuations.

By the Numbers


exclusively climate-focused venture capital fund in New Zealand.


target annualised gross IRR over an eight year investment period.

50 Million

tonnes of CO2e to be mitigated by 2035 for every $50 million invested.

Best In Class Rigour & Expertise

The Climate Venture Capital Fund is setting the standard for impact investing and reporting among New Zealand VCs. Our funds have an external Climate Impact Committee – an independent panel of experts who use the IRIS+ Metrics to measure and validate the climate impact of potential investments. The Climate Impact Committee can veto investment decisions.

Climate Impact Committee

CVCF is a leader in investment transparency and accountability. We recently recently published the inaugural Impact Report for CVCF I. We’re also among the first in Australasia to report on Scope 4 (avoided) emissions, signalling our commitment to innovative and responsible environmental stewardship.

CVCF is a leader in investment transparency and accountability. We recently recently published the inaugural Impact Report for CVCF I. We’re also among the first in Australasia to report on Scope 4 (avoided) emissions, signalling our commitment to innovative and responsible environmental stewardship.

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If you would like to learn more about CVCFe, leave your details and one of our team will be in touch.


CVCF I Investments

Check out the companies from from CVCF I as examples of the types of companies that CVCFe will be aiming to back. 

Making 24/7 renewables a reality.

MGA Thermal is a revolutionary Australian clean energy company with a breakthrough form of energy storage. MGA Blocks store and deliver thermal energy while remaining outwardly solid. They are the missing piece of grid decarbonisation, turning renewable energy into clean steam and power that’s available any time of the day.

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No compromise cleaning.

Cleanery’s low waste cleaning & personal care products come as a powder that dissolves in water at home to create an ultra-effective clean. Wave goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and say hello to ‍super clean, super green.

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Decarbonising zinc recycling.

Zinc is the fourth most used metal which is an essential resource in renewable energy, vehicles, and infrastructure. Zincovery is building an alternative to the current carbon intensive zinc recycling process.

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Green CO² for Horticulture.

The Hot Lime Labs CO² capture system converts wood waste biomass into clean CO² for commercial greenhouses, increasing crop productivity and growth.

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Ambient ammonia for a cleaner, more efficient future.

From beginnings as a research discovery at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, Liquium has reimagined a future where clean ammonia will be pivotal to decarbonisation and energy security.

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A world-first for treating low clarity liquids and wastewater.

NovoLabs™ patented Supercritical UV™ Disinfection System can address treatment challenges and significantly reduce treatment costs for low clarity/low UVT process liquids and wastewaters.

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CVCFe Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

The term “wholesale investor” is defined under the Financial Markets Conduct Act of 2013 as an individual or entity (such as a company, trust, or partnership) authorised to participate in investment opportunities that are generally not accessible to the general public or retail investors. These opportunities often include early-stage companies and venture capital investments, which are considered higher risk and typically lack the extensive information or protective measures provided to retail investors for their safeguarding.

To be classified as a wholesale investor, one must meet specific criteria or fall within certain categories. Our investors usually fit into one or more of four primary qualifications, which can be summarised into two main groups:

  1. Those possessing the necessary experience to comprehend and willingly take on the risks associated with their investments.
  2. Those with adequate financial resources to seek professional advice if needed or to absorb potential financial losses.

The four main qualifications that our investors often rely on include:

  1. Qualifying as a “Large Investor” by owning net assets or reporting a consolidated turnover of at least $5 million over the previous two fiscal years.

  2. Being an “Investment Business,” meaning the investor’s main operation involves investing in financial products (like fund management), offering financial advice, or trading in financial products on behalf of others (e.g., brokers or wealth managers).

  3. Satisfying the “Investment Activity” criteria, which applies to individuals who either own or have owned a portfolio of specific financial products (such as shares, bonds, derivatives, etc.) worth over $1 million in the last two years, or have been actively involved in the investment decisions of an investment business for a minimum of two years within the last decade.

  4. Recognized as an “Eligible Investor” by having relevant prior experience in investing in financial products that enables them to evaluate the merits and necessary information for making informed decisions. This includes providing a declaration of understanding the implications of being deemed an eligible investor, which must be verified by a professional such as a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor.

This explanation is provided in simple terms and should not be taken as advice on whether you qualify as a wholesale investor. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, it is advisable to consult with a professional advisor, such as an accountant or financial advisor.

The unit register for CVCFe is hosted on Catalist. It’s simple for any investor, local or international, to sign up and invest:

  1. Create and verify your account, then follow the prompts to verify your identity and wholesale/eligible investor status (you will need a certified copy of your passport and proof of address.)
  2. Once verified, go to the CVCFe Offer page and follow the prompts to invest.