Climate Venture Capital Fund Extension - Investor Briefing

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Alternatively, if you’re prepared to make a commitment to CVCFe, read how to do so via the Catalist platform at the bottom of this page.

Climate Venture Capital Fund’s offers and unit registers are administered by Catalist Markets Limited (Catalist).

Investments into Climate Venture Capital Fund Extension (CVCFe) can be made via Catalist. Simply follow the onboarding and investment instructions detailed below. Catalist is also responsible for undertaking all regulatory checks on investors prior to an investment being made, including identity and tax checks for AML compliance.

How to Invest

Investing Directly as an individual, or jointly:

  1. Prepare your Documents

    Note: Catalist can electronically verify your ID and proof of address if  this information is held by national database in an Electronic Verification Territory. If Catalist is able to verify your information in this way, you won’t need to provide certified document copies of your ID and proof of address. If Catalist can’t verify your information in this way, you will still be required to provide the certified copies.

    You will need the following

    • Certified ID: Provide a certified copy of your passport or national ID card. This must include your name, date of birth, photo, and signature.
    • Proof of Address: Supply a recent document (no older than 3 months) such as a utility bill or bank statement that shows your name and current address.
    • Tax ID Numbers: Share tax identification numbers for all jurisdictions where you’re taxable.
  2. Create your Catalist Account:
    • Sign-Up via the CVCFe page on Catalist.
    • Follow the link sent to your email to verify your account.
    • Log in and complete the identity verification steps. If electronic verification isn’t available for your country, you’ll need to manually upload the certified documents from Step 1.
  3. Wholesale Certification:
    • Confirm you’re a wholesale investor according to New Zealand law. This step is crucial before making any investment.

      If you are investing jointly (e.g., with your partner), then your co-investor will also need to complete the steps above to set up their own Catalist account using a different email address. Once accounts have been created for all parties, email Catalist, copying your co-investor, and request that the accounts be merged into one joint account. Please also specify which email address you would like to be the primary contact for the account. Catalist will inform you when this has been completed. Both investors will be able to log into the joint account.

  4. Investment:
    • After completing your registration and certification, visit the CVCFe offer page on Catalist to view the investment opportunity.
    • Review the Information Memorandum and click “Invest” once you are ready to submit your commitment.
    • Enter the amount you would like to commit (min. $100,000 NZD), check the boxes to acknowledge you have read and understand all the information and terms, and click “Submit commitment”.
    • Follow the prompts to input a verification code sent to your email

Note: you do not need to transfer any funds until the capital raising window is closed. This is expected to be later in 2024. At that time, you will receive further instructions about how to pay the first tranche of your investment.

  1. Register via Catalist’s trust onboarding page.


  2. Verify your email and complete the due diligence processes as prompted.


    • if your trust does not have a) New Zealand bank account, simply input – “00 0000 0000000 00”
    • Access Code(s) – AIP Investors should use: “AIPvisa”
    • “Key People” – Please add the details for each of the trust’s trustees, large beneficiaries or other people acting on behalf of the trust. You may elect whether you provide the identity, proof of address and tax  information about each trustee, or whether Catalist can email each trustee directly for this information;
    • For each person, enter the requested information. For the “Identity Type” question, select “I don’t have either” and upload all the applicable documentation, ensuring that the copies are certified where necessary

      If you indicate that Catalist should contact the trustees, large beneficiaries or other people acting on behalf of the trust to obtain information directly, then you will be copied in on the email sent to them. We suggest you also contact them directly to ask them to complete the necessary checks. If they live in a territory that supports electronic verification (see below), they can request it and Catalist will send them a link to complete the process.

  3. Wholesale Certification – After submitting your details, certify as a wholesale investor on Catalist.

  4. Investment – Following account creation, due diligence, and certification, invest via the CVCFe offer page. Review the key documents and confirm your investment amount and details.

If you are investing via a financial intermediary, such as a financial advisor or wealth manager, simply direct them to invest in CVCFe and they will be able to make all of the necessary arrangements using the instructions below. Be sure to pass their internal compliance checks before instructing them to invest.

For Financial Intermediaries:

  1. Create a Catalist Account for Corporates:

    • Create a Catalist account specifically for financial intermediaries using this link.
    • Verify the account via email and provide detailed company information required by Catalist.

  2. Investing for Clients:

    • Log in to the CVCFe offer page.
    • Client Investment: Review the Information Memorandum with your client, and use the “Invest now” button to enter client-specific investment details.
  • All investors must certify as wholesale under New Zealand regulations.
  • Direct company investments are not permitted under AIP Visa rules. However, trusts, where you are a trustee and beneficiary, can invest.
  • Registering with Catalist does not obligate you to invest but prepares you for when you’re ready.

The following is a list of territories for which Catalist is able to undertake electronic Anti-money laundering customer due diligence checks (as at 14 September 2023).

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

The term “wholesale investor” is defined under the Financial Markets Conduct Act of 2013 as an individual or entity (such as a company, trust, or partnership) authorised to participate in investment opportunities that are generally not accessible to the general public or retail investors. These opportunities often include early-stage companies and venture capital investments, which are considered higher risk and typically lack the extensive information or protective measures provided to retail investors for their safeguarding.

To be classified as a wholesale investor, one must meet specific criteria or fall within certain categories. Our investors usually fit into one or more of four primary qualifications, which can be summarised into two main groups:

  1. Those possessing the necessary experience to comprehend and willingly take on the risks associated with their investments.
  2. Those with adequate financial resources to seek professional advice if needed or to absorb potential financial losses.

The four main qualifications that our investors often rely on include:

  1. Qualifying as a “Large Investor” by owning net assets or reporting a consolidated turnover of at least $5 million over the previous two fiscal years.
  2. Being an “Investment Business,” meaning the investor’s main operation involves investing in financial products (like fund management), offering financial advice, or trading in financial products on behalf of others (e.g., brokers or wealth managers).
  3. Satisfying the “Investment Activity” criteria, which applies to individuals who either own or have owned a portfolio of specific financial products (such as shares, bonds, derivatives, etc.) worth over $1 million in the last two years, or have been actively involved in the investment decisions of an investment business for a minimum of two years within the last decade.
  4. Recognized as an “Eligible Investor” by having relevant prior experience in investing in financial products that enables them to evaluate the merits and necessary information for making informed decisions. This includes providing a declaration of understanding the implications of being deemed an eligible investor, which must be verified by a professional such as a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor.

This explanation is provided in simple terms and should not be taken as advice on whether you qualify as a wholesale investor. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, it is advisable to consult with a professional advisor, such as an accountant or financial advisor.