We started this fund to take advantage of an entirely predictable revolution.
“Climate risk is investment risk. But we also believe the climate transition presents a historic investment opportunity.”
Larry Fink
CEO of Blackrock
The world's largest asset manager
Our Investments
Cleanery removes water to create better cleaning and personal care products, and that also removes emissions associated with creation and transport of heavy plastic bottles. Buy some today.

MGA Thermal manufactures blocks that retain high amounts of heat at high temperatures spectacularly well, allowing for movement of heat energy across time, including for use creating steam to drive turbines. The blocks could be heated by renewable power during the day, and used to reduce burning fossil fuels to generate stream to drive turbines on gas and coal plants.

Liquium is working on a new, much les energy intensive, process to produce ammonia. Liquium aims to decarbonise ammonia production and enable clean ammonia liquid fuel to power industry.