CVCF joins $4m round in Hot Lime Labs

Hot Lime Labs - Green CO2 for Horticulture

Climate VC Fund was proud this month to announce the successful $4m funding round for Hot Lime Labs, the pioneering New Zealand agri-tech firm revolutionising CO2 capture. The capital raise sparked significant interest from international investors and the New Zealand tech, angel investor, and venture capital community, including significant investment from the Climate Venture Capital […]

Five good things about climate action that maybe you didn’t know

By the Climate VC Fund Team It’s easy to get overwhelmed by bad climate news – there’s certainly enough of it. But what about good news – there is some, isn’t there?  Indeed so! Here are five things we loved hearing about this month. Actually, six or seven if you look closely. Data from Stats […]

Stay ahead of the tide of greenwashing

Greenwashing Climate Venture Capital Fund

Dr. Jodi York makes the case that organisations should use this opportunity to improve their impact management and decision-making to avoid the tide of greenwashing.

New Zealand Government agencies at loggerheads on climate policy

New Zealand Government agencies at loggerheads on Emissions Trading Scheme climate policy

14 April 2023 New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme needs reform, but with differing views from Wellington’s policymakers, it’s unclear if it will move in the right direction. Yesterday saw the latest salvo from the Climate Change Commission. Climate Change Commission vs. Government: A Game of Policy Tennis Back in July, New Zealand’s Climate Change Commission […]

The revolution in agri-tech is finally happening – but it’s still too slow

Agriculture is facing a huge problem with climate change. It’s also facing opportunities for growth and leadership. So what’s the hold up, asks Rohan MacMahon. As I write these words Cyclone Gabrielle’s hefty impact on New Zealand is fully evident. Houses have been wrecked and businesses destroyed. Lives have been lost, and many are still […]

Why we’re backing Zincovery for zinc recycling without coal

We’ve just made our fourth investment – in Christchurch-based Zincovery. The Climate VC Fund has joined Icehouse Ventures and Outset in a NZ$3m seed round to rapidly accelerate Zincovery’s coal-busting tech. Zincovery is building an alternative to the carbon-intensive zinc recycling process. It has been on our radar since it spun out of the University […]

What would $30b buy New Zealand?

By Jez Weston Under current projections, by 2030 the New Zealand government has committed to buy up to $30 billion in offshore carbon credits to make up the difference between the country’s gross greenhouse gas emissions and the amount we have signed up to emit under the Paris Agreement – our  Nationally Determined Commitment (NDC). […]